About the Integrated Urinalysis Panel

What is the Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP)?

The Integrated Urinalysis Panel is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt, and to manage the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.

Essentially, the IUP is a “Body Audit” that tells a patient what diseases they are pre-disposed to, reveals the underlying causes, and how to correct the problem to restore normal function.

What is the benefit of the IUP to you, the doctor?

Running the IUP gives insight on how your patient is handling and managing the physical and chemical stress that the body is having to deal with 24/7/365. Obviously as we are exposed to these stresses, the body must manage them.

The IUP tells us if and what parts of the body are starting to get tired or not able to perform like they should before things really go haywire so that we can address it and correct it.

What is the benefit of the IUP to your patient?

The benefits of care are to improve the body’s ability to adapt to and manage the physical, chemical, and emotion stresses that we all face every day. The IUP provides tremendous insight into how well the body is adapting to, responding to, and managing these stressors.

Remember, the last thing to manifest is a symptom. With the IUP, we’re able to identify issues before they are significant enough to become symptomatic. It’s addressing the cause of the cause.

How would you explain the reason for the IUP to a patient?

Mrs. Jones, to provide the highest level of care and get you as healthy as possible as fast as possible we’re going to order an IUP. This is a test that allows us to evaluate exactly how your body is handling and responding to the physical and chemical stress that are being placed on you 24/7/365.

The results will tell us if everything is like it should be or if there is a potential issue. If there is a potential or current issue, we will know exactly what it is and what we need to do to correct it. Does that make sense?

What is the most important thing a provider should know just starting to run the IUP’s?

The IUP is giving you a window into the same principles that founded all healing arts!

We all know the 3 T’s or Triangle of Health… physical, chemical, and emotional stress and how the bodies inability to respond to, adapt to, and manage these stressors are directly or indirectly related to or responsible for disease. We also know that there are visceral somatic, psychosomatic, and somato-visceral issues.

The IUP gives you the ability to identify the “weak spots” or deficiencies in the body’s ability to respond to, adapt to, and manage these stressors from the viscero-somatic side of things.

What type of information does the IUP test provide?

The IUP results answer key questions that determine how well or how poorly your patient is adapting to the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that underlie their condition:
• Is the patient using the food/fuel ingested?
• Is the patient adequately digesting the food they eat?
• Is the patient absorbing and using nutrients digested?
• Is the patient getting rid of the body’s waste properly?

Why is the IUP test important for Weight Loss?

Urine composition gives clues of how the body is fighting to maintain healthy homeostasis. The IUP results measure the body’s ability to properly digest, absorb and eliminate nutrients found in their diet, all of which can indicate deficiencies
in their nutrition and lead to clues about their success with weight loss and management.

Getting Started

What’s required to run the IUP?

It’s easy to implement into your practice and should be performed on every patient. No additional staff, technology or new systems are needed…. just the desire to help your patients get healthy and grow your business

How does the process work?

While in office or by mail, your patient is given the complete IUP collection kit with easy to follow instructions on how to collect the specimen in the comfort of their home and return to McCaffrey Laboratory for processing.

Lab results are emailed to you within 5-7 business days of receiving specimen.

When should you repeat the integrated urinalysis panel?

We recommend that you re-run the test after 6-8 weeks of addressing what the most significant finding on the previous test was. We do this because the 8-weeks provides the body time to heal.

Benefits of Urine as a Test

Why use Urine as a diagnostic test?

Urine testing dates back almost 4000 years to the ancient tests of China and India.

Containing over 3000 chemicals, Urine is a complex, yet easy to understand way to evaluate how the body is adapting to the everchanging stressful environment call “life”.

The urine provides clues into how the body is choosing to respond to stress and what it requires to remain healthy.

How is the IUP different than a hospital Urine dip?

Typically, only a quick urine dipstick test is routinely performed to screen for serious disease like diabetes, liver and kidney disease, cancers, etc.

The Integrated Urinalysis Panel is composed of a series of over two dozen chemical tests and correlations that are unique and often too complicated and time consuming for a hospital to run.

Unlike most medical urine tests, which are used to merely confirm disease, the IUP evaluates how the body is working to maintain healthy homeostasis and identify what areas are needing to be improved.

McCaffrey Laboratory has been performing the IUP for close to 20 years and are only one of two labs in the country that run this specific series of panels and reads them in a specific way.

How to Collect

View video instructions on how to collect your sample

Here are video instructions on how to collect your sample for the Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP).