About Dr. Sean

Dr. Sean McCaffrey is a physician, speaker, teacher, author, mentor, radio host, 6th degree black belt martial artist, Founder of McCaffrey Health Center and The McCaffrey Method, and founder of McCaffrey Laboratory. 

Known as The Robin Hood of Healthcare, Dr. Sean has created a style of healthcare never before seen. The McCaffrey Method is a complete healthcare model that blends various natural healthcare systems to effectively combat chronic and degenerative diseases. 

As a digestive health specialist with a post-doctoral license in internal health, Dr. McCaffrey was among the first physicians in the U.S. to be certified as an Internal Health Specialist.  He is also the founder and developer of the McCaffrey Method and Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR), which combines a unique mix of cutting-edge analytical and diagnostic technologies, classic chiropractic techniques and other little-known but highly proven treatment methods that have restored long-lasting health and wellness to thousands of patients over the past several decades. This holistic approach to long-term, restorative health care comes as a result of having studied the best modern modalities, as well as seeking out the most highly-guarded treatment secrets learned from old masters and perfected over the centuries. 

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